I got stuck. It’s 0:31 and I haven’t write a darn thing. Meanwhile, deadline is ticking away like a time-bomb that ready to explode.

So, to put in a context, I have this creative writing assignment. The theme is so challenging: I have to write a piece about boring things so that it could be interesting to read. Usually, I have like, tons of ideas, but they seems out of my brain right now. I blame myself for having too much bala-bala for dinner, now my tummy is full and my brain doesn’t feel like working. I have no idea what to write, meanwhile my eyes are protesting: they need to sleep.

Fancy bala-bala on a plate. Source: Steamit

I am panicking. What should I do?

Fine, brain. If you are not going to start doing something, I am going to do it by myself. I am just going to take a look at things around me right now.

Hmm, where do I start? Okay, I am looking at the wall in front of me. There is a family photo hanging in the wall — I looked awkward in that photo. A clock that never stop ticking — I know, I know, deadline is near. An aquarium full of fishes — why didn’t they go to sleep? And a lizard, a house gecko, sneaking in the wall near the aquarium — hmm, a usual lizard with two tails.

Wait…. What? What was I just say? Two tails? Whoa! Look at that!

A two tailed house-lizard!

I don’t know, guys, but I have never been this excited looking at a house-lizard before. In a normal condition, this animal only got attention when someone is singing that old Indonesian folk song called ‘Cicak-cicak di Dinding.’ Else, this creature is living in a non-existence.

But this one has two tails!

So, of course this little fella got my attention. I know, you might be thinking: what’s so special about it, right?

Source: Kok Bisa’s asset

Let me tell you this. So, when I was in junior high school, I read Maryamah Karpov, the last book of the tetralogy of Laskar Pelangi. The whole series itself is about ten elementary school kiddos, called Laskar Pelangi (Rainbow Troops) who was struggling to continue their education because they all were poor, the school was almost went bankrupt, and yadda yadda yadda. The story is amazing and the book has been receiving lots of awards, but that’s the story for another day.

We have to focus here. The two tailed lizard!

Okay, so, one fragment of the novel is about Ikal, the main character who together with Mahar, his childhood friend, sailed to the island cluster on the Malay peninsula to pick up A Ling, Ikal’s biggest crush, who had confined in one of these island. To be able to meet his sweetheart, Ikal must faced Tambok, a top-notch pirate who runs these island and has strong magical ability. Legend says that his spell was so powerful that it could travel the ocean to make his enemies fell out of their chair. Daaamn.

Okay, so what did Ikal do to free A Ling? It turned out that Mahar was the one that had the idea. He had collected lots of supranatural things and he offered Tambok with these kind of rare items. Well, one of the supernatural objects offered by Mahar was — guess what? — a two-tailed lizard!

Source: Kok Bisa’s asset

See, this creature is special! Double-tailed lizard is as rare as diamond in the supernatural world. It is said that the double-tailed lizard is a very rare mythical item. Not only rare, many shamans said that this animal have various efficacies, one of them is that whoever pocketed this kind of lizard, then no one can beat him in a fight. This is because the double-tailed lizard is believed never lost in a single fight between lizards for so long — never lose and never break the tail — so that it grows the second tail. So cool!

Well, since I am a rational human being and also rarely got into a fight, I am not going to pick this lizard and put it in my pocket. But, the malignant nature of a double-tailed lizard in Andrea Hirata’s novel is similar to the one I met. This living thing tend to be more aggressive than the lizards I usually met.

Generally speaking, ordinary lizard hunt mosquito. But not with this one. This lizard is looking at fishes inside my aquarium. It doesn’t move a bit since the first time I discovered it. I don’t know how tough is it in the mosquito-hunting life, but I assume it is an easy one for this fella. I think, this gecko is too often winning fights with his fellow species, and he is trying to eat some new foods: the fish.

A two-tailed house lizard is hunting a fish. How badass.

Source: Kok Bisa’s asset

This kind of characteristic suddenly remind myself about alpha-male concept. You know, in a bunch of guys, there would be someone who has muscular body, deep and sexy voice, has great sense of humor, could easily attract opposite gender with their charms, et cetera. You got the picture.

Now, I can imagine that, maybe, this little lizard with two tails is also an alpha in its species. An alpha-lizard. I can reaaally picture a scene where this gecko is pridefully walking pass his fellow geckos and they would be like: ‘damn, I wanna be that cool gecko with two cool tails.’ Or, running around with his tails waving ups and downs and the female lizards will dropped their jaws in awe.

A truly alpha-lizard. Wonderful.

Source: Kok Bisa’s asset

Wait, I just realized, while I was half-dreaming, the lizard has gone away.

What, where are you going, lizzie? I still have to write this… — whoa, look at that, I have finished the article! I have never been this happy meeting a lizard. So, good bye, lizard, thank you for helping me! Now, I am going to close my sleepy eyes. And for the lizard, I believe it is now could sit peacefully in the hierarchy of the lizard’s monarchy. All hail to the king!



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