One of my guiding principles has been “never talk about something you are working on before it’s ready.” It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of something new. The potential of what could be. But actually launching a product, creating a real thing, well that’s hard and fraught with risk and uncertainty. I’ve always loved the idea phase. Collaborating with others to dream, design, whiteboard possibilities, build prototypes and create. The reality is, most of these simply don’t work out. And that’s ok. We keep going, keep dreaming, keep learning and improving. But now, I want to introduce you to Sweet.

So what is Sweet? Sweet is a loyalty platform for brands to connect with their fans in a truly meaningful way. Fans are interacting with brands every day through social media. Until now, fans have not been compensated for the social value they provide to brands. Sweet allows brands / artists / athletes / talent to recognize consumers and fans for their time, data, and social engagement in a fully opt-in / transparent, fun and gamified way.

Fans are powerful marketers. They show up at events and concerts, they tell their friends about new kicks or that hot new track that just dropped. We built a system that rewards fans for their actions not just their purchases. As fans perform over one hundred meaningful actions from an Instagram like to checking in at a grand opening, Sweet provides a way to quantify and encourage these interactions by rewarding fans with Sugar. Sugar is a universal “spendable value” digital token (SUGR) which can be redeemed for concert tickets, backstage passes, merchandise, and other exciting rewards.

Sweet’s social action marketplace running on Sugar, upends the traditional loyalty program model and enables fans to easily perform actions, collect Sugar, and redeem from any brand.

I hear, you “great idea Nathan, but does it actually work?” Yes! So far over one hundred thousand Sweet users have collectively performed over 1 million social actions through the Sweet platform. Everyday users are earning Sugar by tweeting, interacting on Instagram, Spotify, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and others.

Users are spending their tokens on amazing rewards. In fact Sweet had one user spend 1 million tokens through the Black Eyed Peas Social Action Marketplace to score a Cameo in their next music video. Check out his sweet post on Medium.

So why do I believe in this project?

We have the right team
We believe in the work and we believe in each other. We have each other’s back providing support personally and professionally. We each have distinct roles and are veterans in our respective fields.

We have the right technology
We built a solid platform which we have validated with customers in multiple verticals. We created an extremely short feedback loop where ideas can be vetted and incorporated into the product seamlessly within 24 hours. We include clients in planning our product roadmap.

We have the right timing
Timing is hard to gauge when you are initially building a prototype. Are we too early? Will we launch too late? Will customers “get it” and share our vision? Feedback has been tremendous. Clients have said: “We’ve been looking for this!”

We don’t know what lies ahead. But we are excited and we have BIG plans!



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