I thought this:

  • Intuit would be a good idea as a comparator for our product.
  • researching comparators will be hard.
  • we could make a first draft of Business Model Generation within one hour.
  • Putting a new team member on a pip would be a good idea.
  • I could do lots of homework when I’m sick at home.

I did this:

  • I changed my mind from Intuit to Netflix because I thought it’s more relevant to our topic: uses algorithm and targets potential users of our product, while Intuit doesn’t.
  • I found articles about Netflix’s business model within five minutes, which made me accomplish the exercise within half an hour.
  • making first draft of Business Model Generation took us two hours in total, after making adjustments.
  • I tried to figure out team dynamics, and it made me stuck between wanting to keep our ideal team and helping our new teammate to adjust.
  • I couldn’t show up on our team meetings so I was using Google Hangouts. Working with my team was easy because I knew I could rely on my teammates, but every attempt to do my homework alone at home was a disaster, just made me more sleepy and I was very slow.

I learned this:

  • It’s good to change my mind if the outcome of my efforts might be better.
  • It’s a good idea to search first if somebody did the exercise before me. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Netflix turned out to be a very good example which gave us many ideas we could use in our BMC.
  • You never know how long new assignments will take.
  • Trying to make everyone happy isn’t always a good idea.
  • There is no way to be effective with homework while having fever. Self care is the most important. Amazon Fresh has 14-day free trial, perfect for when you have a flu.

Next time:

  • I will put more thought into choosing comparators from the beginning.
  • I will continue using shortcuts to be more efficient.
  • I will give myself more time for new unknown assignments.
  • I will focus more on how to make the team healthy, not how to make each team member happy.
  • I will just let myself to rest. Now after writing this short blogpost I will take a nap and drink some more coconut water 🙂

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