Dear Wanchain Community,

We at Wanchain are very proud of where we’ve come in just one year. However, we owe all of our success to the hard work of our team, including our advisors. We see our relationship with advisors like a mentor-to-mentee relationship. Mentors each serve a specific purpose (leadership, changing roles, etc.) and those relationships should be mutually beneficial. Although incredibly helpful for one’s career, mentors are almost always temporary besides a small hand full. The relationship exists indefinitely, but at some point, a large time commitment is no longer required.

Our advisors are very similar to this typical mentor-mentee relationship. Wanchain’s leadership hand-selected our advisors who each added their own unique value to help us with the initial launch of our company. We are now in a transition to the next chapter of Wanchain’s story, where we will be in contact with some of our original advisors more than others. Some will transition to new advisory roles where they can add and receive the most value, just like with a mentorship. We are also in the process of bringing on new advisors who will help us scale and execute with excellence. There will be more to come on these new advisors in the near future. As always, we thank our community for the continued support, and look forward to sharing our upcoming progress with all of you.


Jack Lu

You can find more information about Wanchain on our website. Additionally, you can reach us through Telegram, Discord, Medium, Twitter, and Reddit.



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