Here’s how I learned the true reality of going after a dream and making it a lifestyle.

Anisa Nasir

Success is a concept that I could never really grasp until recently. It was something that for so long, felt out of reach and I didn’t even think it’d be worth it to try. It wasn’t until I gave a hard look at the life my mother has built that I realize just how much I could be doing. I didn’t want to start worrying that my success would be brief before I even had it. I wanted to start working towards something that gave me purpose.

I always knew the conditions in which my mother grew up, and that she has worked for everything she has, but I didn’t understand her drive and ambition until I set out to work myself. It isn’t easy trying to establish a successful business, nor is it easy getting up every day and getting back to work even when the world is crumbling around you, but it is when you that matters the most.

She has been a driving force in every decision I’ve made once I started to get serious about having a writing career. Part of me questioned the decision to begin because I wondered what she’d think of it, but I knew at the end of the day, she’d want me to work towards something I loved. She’s taught me so much about a world I still have yet to understand, and it makes me incredibly proud to be her daughter.

Here are a few things I’ve learned from her that made me want to get up every day and chase that dream of mine.

It Began With Purpose

I never sincerely asked her what was the motivation behind her ambition and success all those years ago, when I was too young to understand any of it. I’ve still not asked, but I’ve observed. I’ve observed a woman that continues to grow her business with the turn of every year, and I could only imagine the kind of pressure she must be under daily.

I began to ask myself why I found it so easy to procrastinate starting to get serious about my writing career, and I believe that in part, I was afraid of disappointing her. I’m still learning as I go, and I haven’t been at this long enough to tell whether it’s going to take off, but I know for sure that the effort has not been wasted.

I Learned How to Handle My Stress and Anxiety

I had gotten to a point in my life where I couldn’t get out of bed, much less find the will necessary to start putting in the work. It was a difficult transition from not doing a thing, to now having a consistent work schedule — but I managed to make it happen.

Just by observing the way she would get back to work no matter the circumstances was absolutely inspiring. It made me want to do more, to learn about my field of work, and to continue my progress. Nothing was or can be done overnight, and it may take years before I truly start to see it pay off, but none of that matters. What matters is, against all of my inhibitions, I get up every day to work hard and work through the stress and anxiety that may surface over time.

The Concept of Failure

“Every decision you make may not be a good one, but it is something to learn from, and that is certain.”

There are going to be failures along the way. There are going to be days where no one sees the hard work you’ve put in, but that’s no excuse to stop trying. The times where the stress of failing clouds your judgment, and you wonder why you even began in the first place, will pass. It’s how you deal with that stress and how you react to that failure that will influence your growth.

I’ve learned that success is a slow advancement. The only reason you may feel like success is not achievable is probably because you haven’t worked out what success means to you.

I thank her every day for all that she’s done for me, for the opportunities she’s given me, and all that I’ll continue to learn from her. She’s the inspiration behind my progress, and she’s the sole reason I’m motivated enough to get up every day and try again.

Thank you, mom.



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