The Letterwriter project is officially over. 
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Nothing else has changed.
Hello there, world! Be nice.

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Recently I was thinking about how we treat different time frames based on the context of activities/ objects that occupy them. Gadgets, clothes, shoes all of these are known to have short term lifecycles. However jobs, careers are seen to be permanent or long term. We are socially encouraged to change our clothes, possessions and tech as frequently as possible, but as to our jobs, we are supposed to keep the same ones for years together. We are expected to keep doing the same thing for years at an end.

I often think to myself what would happen if we were to invert the scenario, if we were to wear the same clothes for years on end and change our jobs voluntarily when we feel done and dusted with the old ones, wouldn’t the world be a happier place? Why can’t jobs like fads be periodically open to voluntary change? Why is there so much stigma attached to people who change jobs or industries frequently?

These are the arbitrary social conditionings that often bother me. Why isn’t anybody questioning this prevalent system? It seems funny that we end up changing our material possessions almost every two years because we can’t change the jobs we are in. I know people who often go, “I’ve been doing the same thing for years, but hey at least I can buy a new phone.” This sort of compromise is ridiculous. If we can’t bear monotony in fashion and in tech why should we have to bear it in our careers?

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