This post was inspired by Brian Johnston from Brian is a gift to the world.

What is a Hero?

HĒRŌS — Protector. This is the original greek word

The Hero as three secret weapons:

The hero has wicked unbelievable internal strength. The hero cares deeply about herself and others. The hero has done the work that sets him up to do the work required to be strong enough to serve and protect the people and community they love.

What a hero is not…and this is a really big idea for me and helps me in my life. A hero is not a “fixer”. In the Alcoholics Anonymous doctrine they have this theory of the victim triangle

The general theory is that every victim needs a hero and a villain. Also, every Hero needs a victim and a villain, and of course finally every villain needs a hero and a victim.

A true hero does not fix the problem for the victim. The hero, through non judging compassion, protects and consequently inspires the victim to heal and to be better. The Hero becomes the coach and helps the victim find their own way.

The true hero attracts love, but not always immediately. Victims, sometimes don’t understand the hero’s actions, particularly when the hero is interrupting their poor choices that the victim wants to continue to hold on to. The Hero still protects.

Heroes have kryptonite. The hero is well served to know and understand their kryptonite so as to avoid it. Each individual hero has their own individual kryptonite’s but what seems to the universal kryptonite for all the would be hero’s out there is hiding from their own work and masquerading as the hero swooping in to fix the problem for the victim, which of course is exactly what the victim wants, and the pattern continues.

Victims often misunderstand the Hero’s intentions and lash out, especially when the hero is doing more then protecting. The hero loves anyway.

The victim ALWAYS feels judged by everyone, and often especially from the hero. The hero is empathetic anyways.

We need more heroes in our lives.

I wrote the original version of this post several months ago, when my good friend Brad was going through an immense struggle in his life. I felt so inspired on how he was handling his challenge and his frame that I knew he evolved. Brad is a Hero.

Consider sharing this post with your HERO, let them know who they are, and show your gratitude for them being a Hero in your life. Trust me this will overflow your gratitude tanks and strengthen your relationship even more with your hero.



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