Hamza Jakwani

Your actions speak louder than words so do your concerns. The way you interact with people, around you; your mother, father, siblings, colleagues, classmates, cousins, roommates; literally decide either they really want to let that interaction go for hours and hours and hours or they can’t bear it for a second more!

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So, what should you do then in this war of being interested interesting?
For that, ask yourself a question.
What will be your reaction if a person is constantly talking about his achievements and milestones and not ready to listen to the story of your side?
You might want to burst his head to a nearby wall because that guy is only trying to be interesting rather being interested in your story.

Above is the famous quote of the famous writer Dale Carnegie from his masterpiece “How to win friends and influence people” from the early 1930s. It brings a great experience for me as I don’t read this type of book more often. It discussed many many life lessons with statistics shared around the corner that why, why people want others to listen for their stories?

“I.” “I.” I.” It was used 3,900 times in 500 telephone conversations.

Reading this book helps me to stay positive and don’t take things for granted. If you have people who pay just to listen to you, you have to be grateful to them that they came to listen to you up. They make it possible for you to pursue your passion and goals by providing you the opportunity to earn for yourself by doing what you love to do. You should give them the very best you can. A show of interest, as with every other principle of human relations, must be sincere. It must pay off not only for the person showing the interest but for the person receiving the attention. It is a two-way street-both parties benefit.

So as I have to work on a project and to apply these teachings to real-life by talking to people and literally being interested in them, showing them that their happiness, sadness really matters and try to listen to them as much as I could. Through my experience, listening to people is one of the toughest things to do but when the core reason for being really interested in people is to help them out and to listen to what disturbs them or what brings them joy, it’s no longer a difficult task.



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