Creating a life based on the value that you DELIVER.

Yes, being an entrepreneur isn’t for just anybody. I mean as much as I would love to casually tell everyone to try it out and gain the learning as I did with my last venture, it would be wrong for me to not highlight the price that goes with it. Indeed, I do not think everyone needs to be an entrepreneur, nor to start a business.

However, I truly believe those who strive to obtain an entrepreneurial mindset can change the world.

To have an entrepreneurial mindset is to have an uncanny ability to achieve anything you want while staying relevant and impactful to the world. To prepare ourselves for the world of the 21st century, we are called to develop versatile skills and gain the mastery to be resourceful and collaborative so that we can strive for success within the ever-changing world.

Such a mindset doesn’t just serve the act of starting a business. Rather the goal of obtaining it is about growing the inter-disciplinary capability to ride through waves of uncertainty so that we can take concrete actions and transform our ideas and what is important into reality.

Perhaps, we can define the entrepreneurial mindset as a set of demeanours, skills & behaviours such as self-starting, resourceful, risk-taking, adaptability, high emotional intelligence, creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving. And on top of that, the sensitivity to see opportunities at every corner and the ability to create value and acquire foresight.



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