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We all know those startups that spend all their time pitching, going to every possible competition to win awards. This kind of behavior comes out of fear, a fear of facing startup reality: users & product. That’s why pitching all the time is a really bad idea — it takes your focus away from what truly matters & wastes your time, which as a startup founder is your most valuable resource. Plus, pitch events all tend to be quite similar: judgemental, cold & stressful.

  • Business isn’t seen as fun. People tend to be uptight & tense when they are in “business mode”.
  • Europeans are very afraid of “being judged” and they haven’t really been trained to speak in public.

The goal of Pitch Don’t Kill My Vibe is to entertain the young and growing crowd of entrepreneurs who need to smoothly but surely get better at pitching their story.

Check out the vibe!
  • 5 startups are selected by The Family
  • Each of them is trained in pitching during a 1-hour session with The Family
  • The MC KillASon welcomes the crowd, introduces the jury and gets the house rocking!
  • The jury, made up of 3 people (one investor, one member of The Family, and one guest), gives feedback to help the entrepreneurs get better & feel real encouragement.
  • At the end, the public picks the best startup pitch by clapping their hands.

So far Pitch Don’t Kill My Vibe has had 38 events, a total of 4k+ attendees, and 150k+ views on our Youtube channel.

The very first one, in French, 5 years ago 🙂



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