“A really great idea is not 90% work done. There’s a lot of craftsmanship between a great idea and a great product.”

— Steve Jobs

True, we should take full care of not loose-dropping our precious ideas precariously.

I agree stealing an idea can be dangerous for your future aspirations. We were told so during our research days, to get our thesis topics patented.

But then, don’t you think we must have a plan B to take care of a ‘what-if’?

Now, let me be brief and crisp and share whatever I want to without ambling around.

An Idea Stolen is Not Necessarily an Idea Executed 💡

People’s concept of a start up idea:

Ideas → Execution → Success

This is the Real process behind the curtain:

Idea → Thoughts → Amendments → altered ideas →Thoughts → Amendments → re re re altered thoughts → re re re amended ideas →Execution → BOOM!!!

See? Stealing is as easy, as execution is tough.

A stolen idea is yet not worked upon. Or dreamed the same way as was in your head. It hasn’t yet turned into a business/ product, whatsoever.

‘Your’ Idea Might Not Originally Be Yours

Have you given it a thought? Where did that idea in your head come from?

Our brain picks up interesting observations from the world around — subconsciously.

Fair chances, that the idea in your head was inspired by something you read/ saw or somewhere you visited!

What if someone else had already dreamed the same, much much before it came to you?

Sounds spooky, eh!

You can still Proceed and Compete🏃

The level of commitment put into a dream can differ a lot from person to person!

Who knows!

Though two similar ideas might lead to some unhealthy competition now, but eventually, prove healthy!?

The Magic Of Modification ⭐️

An ‘idea’ itself is incomplete by nature.

What about inducing a bit of variation in the original plan? How about giving it some more unconventional touch up? Some precise alteration that didn’t come to you earlier?

Who knows, maybe God wanted you to work out an even better stuff!

Facebook was not the first social network!

It was merely a copy of HouseSYSTEM and Myspace.

You Need The Energy Reserve (That you are wasting crying)

Yes, you heard me right. Think with a clear mind, can we do any damn thing about the cat already out of the bag?

If yes, do it.

If no, shut up and get straight.

Preserve your emotional drain-away. Recoil. Bounce back with another full-fledged work-out as your next move.

Till then, cheers 🍷 😉

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