Abundance of videos and increased demand of efficient curation

Web is a lot of noise. So are the videos in it. Every minute close to ‘100 hrs’ of new video content is being uploaded to the web. Over 4 billion human hours are spent on watching videos every month. Many users visit youtube or any similar platform aimlessly & involuntarily, but with a context or category in their minds which is primarily driven by their mood at the time. For such users, it is very difficult to find the right content.

Social sites, today, are not intelligent enough to cater the best content based on user requirement. In the existing platforms, the viral content forms a major part of our feeds. Most of the times the content that goes viral is irrelevant to the user. While most searches are entertainment focussed, we do want productive videos too. Current platforms tend to trap us in inescapable loops & we end up giving in to their suggestions.

Viral video of 2016

Behavioral psychologists work towards building habit-forming products. This holds true for the social sites too; which is why we visit Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Youtube with little or no thought. There are times when we do not fully consume the content we are served. The primary reason behind this is a lack of known alternate platforms that can fulfill our recreational needs at little or no cost. It is not even surprising to find that there are times when we spend 30 minutes or more in just looking for the right content.

Art forms such as documentaries, classical music & short films find it very difficult to make their way to user feeds. This is because the elements which truly define an art form, vis-a-vis audio, visuals, mood & emotions, are not the basis of page ranking algorithms. Rather it is mostly their title & description that form its basis. For instance, searching for ‘Inspirational Videos’ on youtube throws results with content which has the keywords — “Inspirational” & “Video” in their supporting text. Now, each of us derives inspiration from different mediums — some of us find it in Eminem’s rap & some might find it in a short film, which might not even contain ‘Inspiration’ as their keyword. This is where BrewTV is different than many popular platforms today.

BrewTV addresses the need of quality videos by taking a step forward towards using your mood & interest as the basis of content optimization. Our content intelligence team sieves the best content from the web that makes discovery of relevant videos easier for you.

Currently, BrewTV caters a personalized solution to the Indian users, who in itself are very diverse. BrewTV is the only app that eases content discovery in ways described above. Constantly working towards content filtering, curation & recommendation, BrewTV aims to be your first choice for your video needs.

Install BrewTV to experience video viewing like never before. Currently available at Google play store, web and iOS versions will be launched soon! We will keep improving experience, every second, by adding fresh content & features. An honest feedback from your end will be very useful. Content discovery for high-quality videos is very important. We strongly believe that our first baby steps in this direction will go a long way towards building an efficient video watching platform.

Click the heart icon & spread the word if you find BrewTV a useful app for your day to day video habits. Cheers!



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