WisePass Gets You Where You Need To Go

WisePass is continuing its evolution into different areas of life to give you exactly what you want and need. This year has been a massive success for the company and the growth of partnerships and expansion in services show no signs of slowing down. As further proof of this, WisePass’ latest major brand partnership with the ride-hailing titan Grab allows you to get to your destination by car or motorbike quickly, efficiently and of course — for free.

What is Grab Unlimited?

Grab Unlimited is a new collaborative effort between 2 smartphone-based technology companies who focus on providing practical everyday lifestyle services to you, the end-user. As always, WisePass is focused on perks and services which are most useful to you. As driven, enterprising individuals constantly on the go — we recognize the need to not only provide you anything, anytime, anywhere — but also the means of transportation to get there.

Over 70% of our members are business professionals between the ages of 28–49. Many are in sales or managerial positions and thus daily meetings around the city are a major ingredient of success with these jobs. Easy access to complimentary and reliable transportation can, therefore, have enormous value.

As of September 2018, Grab is dominating most markets in Southeast Asia and has successfully completed over 1 billion rides to date.

At WisePass, we take this very seriously and wish to provide you with as many advantages as possible. We believe in Grab to get you to where you need to go and most importantly on time, as Grab commuters enjoy a 52% reduction in travel time on average. Grab has also shown enormous success over the past 6 years with over 4 million rides a day in one of the fastest growing regions in the world with that number continuing to grow with WisePass’ Grab Unlimited program.

Get to where you need to go in a timely fashion.

How Can I Join?

Those of you who have enjoyed WisePass’ Standard or Premium Memberships for 6 consecutive months or more are eligible to join and take up to 10 rides per day with an ever-increasing value per ride. Don’t worry though, you will still have your daily scans, these rides are merely a bonus to your membership. A thank you to you — our valued customers.

Grab Unlimited is only for paid members, however — for those who have paid for and accumulated at least 6 consecutive months of WisePass. Awesome prizes such bonus months you may have won through our various reward programs such as our WisePass Anniversary Challenge, therefore, do not count.

How Does It Work?

You will be put into 1 of 6 tiers based on how long you have been a WisePass member. The value, of each of your 10 daily rides will grow accordingly and you will enjoy more freedom every 3 months after the 1st tier. Soon you will reach Ultimate status at which time you can enjoy 300k VND per ride in over 500 cities and towns across South East Asia — wherever Grab is available. The Grab Unlimited tier system is simple:

All you have to do is download the Grab app, inform us at WisePass of your interest in the program and when you book a ride, simply switch your account from personal to the WisePass ‘Unlimited’ account and greet your driver. Put your mind at ease — you don’t need to enter in any of your credit card information into the Grab app as you are an esteemed member of the WisePass club and we take good care of our own.

When Does It Start?

Grab Unlimited officially starts November 1, 2018. At the moment, it is available across Vietnam with the exception of the Ultimate Members who as stated above can use it without limits or restrictions wherever Grab is found. This is only the beginning for the Grab Unlimited program however as we will be bringing it to you in all of our WisePass cities outside of Vietnam soon!



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