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InvestHer Podcast is a podcast for women entrepreneurs who want to learn about funding and get funded faster, and for investors and ecosystem players who want to learn more about what it’s really like for female founders in the world of funding today.

It’s a behind the scenes look at the funding tactics and strategies that really work, to give you, founder, more confidence to get the funding you deserve to take your business to the next level. Each episode will be short, energetic and action-oriented, giving you lots of practical funding tips, so that you can get investor-ready, get the funding you need and back to building your business, FASTER.

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In this episode, our founder, Anne Ravanona, will share why she started Global Invest Her in the first place after her lightbulb moment, what compels her to focus on helping female founders get funded and why you should be interested in the latest research the biggest untapped market opportunity worth $5 Trillion.

  • Find your Why and how inspiration can come from anywhere
  • Why we set up Global Invests Her and this podcast. What makes it different.
  • What is the Gender Funding Gap and how big is it?
  • The $5 Trillion Opportunity to grow the global economy

Can’t wait to hear what you think!

Let’s put the FUN into Funding!

Anne Ravanona

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