A blog post about fries and some desserts🍫.

Last week I visited my friend after what seemed like ages. It’s been a while since he had moved in to Bangalore but we somehow couldn’t meet. He had told us that he was testing a food cart model here.

You know what this means..a visit from yours truly, to taste and rate the food! And of course, to meet my friend 😬

The food cart is set up at around 4 PM. They’re operational and ready to serve by 5 PM. After we caught up on everything that had happened in each others lives, we went to the cart at around 6 PM.

The cart was named HuHo. Up until that point, I didn’t ask him about the name. But then I couldn’t contain my curiosity.

He told me that HuHo was short for ‘Hungry Horde’- the name of our WhatsApp group of food loving friends. 😂

*deep bruv*

So without wasting much time, I had to see what’s on the menu.The fries caught my attention! They’re so beautiful. He told me that they don’t use the frozen french fries. I hate them too. The frozen fries have no soul. They’re just cold and dead. Instead, they have this machine that peels the potatoes and cuts it to make this wonderful thing right in front of your eyes.

Look at how golden🍟 they are! I can’t even..

Meet Noor 💯 & RafiCool* 😎

Noor and Raficool works at HuHo. If you’re around at the food cart, they’re probably the ones serving you with a smile. Both of them understand Malayalam to some extent, although, they can’t speak the language.

They also do recommend you flavours for the spices on your fries. Which reminds me, there are good varieties like bell pepper, cheese, desi chataka and what not. Shreyas..focus..you were talking about Noor and RafiCool! Right. So Noor is more outgoing than RafiCool. But they’re both 2 happy and fun individuals.
* There’s a high probability that it’s either Rafikul or Rafeekul. But he prefers-


That’s RafiCool on the left and Noor on the right..and some 🍟

My friend is also a great cook, so if you see a new creation on the menu when you visit after their launch, don’t be surprised! He’s also added ‘Deep fried Choco Pie’ to the menu. It’s just yum! I’m out of words to actually describe how that tastes. The marshmallow becomes both warm and soft, the chocolate syrup just seeps into the layers and you get this instant sugar rush. Personally, all I want to see is more items being added to the desserts category. I’m sure that won’t take too long once the cart is out of the testing phase.

The cart is open until 12 at night. So we made a mandatory visit at 12 and had more deep fried Choco Pie’s!

What’s this friend’s background?

My friend dropped out of his CA coaching and realized that business what he was interested in. He was involved with Dhoti Club and played a key role in expanding to different cities. Now he’s focussing on his love for food while Dhoti Club is still around.

It’s amazing how refreshed and energetic you feel after just talking to some friends. They secretly continue to motivate and inspire you to do more.