Xmoneta is a great platform for companies, vendors, bloggers, celebrities, and organizations. You can use a business account to promote your project and startup, search and attract new subscribers, redirect users from Xmoneta to your project/company webpage. There are 3 types of Xmoneta accounts: subscription, service and enterprise account. The difference is between the opportunities, which these accounts can give you. Using subscription account, you will be able to post and share publications with other users more than once a day, while with service account you can do it just 4 times per month. Subscription accounts have their own special folder in the app, while service ones are in the common friendlist. Service account has much wider usage. Thanks to extended API, it can be turned into a shop, online booking page etc. 13 If your goal is just a daily communication with subscribers and sharing the content, then subscription account is your choice. But if you want to use Xmoneta account to make online shop or booking system, then service account would be the best one. Everything depends on your priorities.



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