I jumped.

I was in a very blurry space a while ago. Lost in the confusion of life, hesitating between a carrot or water until I died of thirst and hunger. (just like a donkey)

Timing is everything. Whether you’re in a hurry or not, the universe doesn’t give a damn about how much you want things to happen until the timing’s right.

It’s not bad. Learn to love it like a dad, because oh boy it is as stubborn as you can imagine, and don’t ask me about it because yes, you won’t be able to date whoever you wish to…

Wait, aren’t we here to speak about failure?

Almost forgot, this donkey-dad thing… Let’s get back on track.

Here’s a simple question: Did you ever failed at doing some things in your life?

Before, I would have said “yes”, with a voice I don’t really like, because it doesn’t have much experience and truth backing it up. This voice comes from fantasies rather than from the guts.

When you know what you’re speaking about (from experience) it’s as if there was an imaginary burning smoke attached to your words, people can sense the volcano in you. (my voice is very firy in my mind right now – arrghh)

Matter of fact is: Until you stand up by yourself, imagine something from yourself and bring it to life with proper execution, you ain’t winning shit.

Why? Because that’s only the beginning, to this point you’re still not presenting your craft to the world.

What’s the next part then?


Grabbing your balls, and exposing what you’ve been working on.

That’s the most important part in executing your ideas. It’s when your ego gets crushed if you sucked, and it’s when your humility increases if you nailed it!

The sensation is like showing yourself naked to the world and patiently waiting the reactions from others.

Most people think that they failed when they did nothing. Failing in your mind isn’t failing because you had the idea, you had executed and you exposed it, only to your mind… The nature of failing itself is proactive.

On the other hand, if you’re close to failing (really failing) here are some things we need to discuss now.

Don’t fail fast, please!

I know, I’m asking you something very hard to do, but I promise it won’t be as hard as you think, here take your pills, sleep and listen.

Failing fast became the national anthem in the Entrepreneur’s Country. But what does it really mean to most people?

  • I just saw a product and tried selling it 5 minutes ago but nobody bought it, I guess that I’ve failed fast, ain’t that badass?
  • I wrote a song for the first time, it was ecstatic, when I came back home I sung it to my mom and she told me that I should work in a zoo instead. I failed fast at singing, yes!!!
  • Today I was thinking about writing a novel but then I saw how Star Wars is beautifully narrated, it made me feel awful, did I fail fast? Next!

Oh God…

I don’t want to upset you but believe me, lots of people think of failing fast this way. You don’t fail fast unless you bring your idea to the world. Failing fast has nothing to do with your mind or 5 minutes ago or even your mom.

Who decides whether you failed because you suck or whether you won because you’re amazing at what you do? The market aka the ECHO Giver.

ECHO is a vital part of failing, and we’re not speaking about family or close ones, NO! We’re speaking again about exposing ourselves naked for a long examination by the world. If after a day or two, people are all saying that you aren’t good, then you failed for real.

Don’t be too stubborn please!

The other side of failing is stubbornness, which could be defined by a very raw dictionnary that I have (in my mind, wanna buy?): [stuhb-ern] Knowing that you’re punching yourself in the face but still searching who the hell is punching you. (i.e. the person will often say: It hurts!!!)

Of course it does, punk!

This is something that is very present and you might have witnessed it a lot already. Besides cognitive biases dictating our lives all the time, we all fall in this trap when we’re too enthusiast about our craft. Why feel guilty?

The thing is, failing fast means not to quickly run away from the world’s judgement, some people might like it, but give them time to discover what you do. If they really express no interest at all, or worse unanimous negative feedback, you could listen to mom and say that they’re envious but please don’t persist too long in throwing away your precious ressources: Energy, Time and Money.

(I feel lighter now.)

The two points above are essential parts of failing well and going to the next level. Our muscles aren’t built from hazardous movements we do while eating and walking, same goes for becoming great at what we do. The key then is to balance the process, being in the right spot between the two.

Becoming Great at Failing

It’s cool, I learned a lot but now, what should I do besides searching for a balance between both of the above?

Doing so implies some rules:

First of all, when you try something by yourself, you should really feel proud of yourself because believe it or not, most people never achieve something trully meaningful to them – by themselves, it’s sad to see that we are no more Living but only Existing.

Second, the mess will still be around in your mind. In the beginning you will feel confused, it will be challenging and you’ll want to avoid it but stay calm, you’re actually exposing your work to the world, the feedback you’re getting has tremendous value in taking the right direction.

Third, no one really cares, people aren’t going to speak about what you see as shameful tomorrow morning while having breakfast. Nope. Perhaps they’ll even forget about it 2 minutes after. We are all too busy with our own lives and the minute we pay attention to something, it means that it’s worth our time which brings us to the last point.

Finally, if your craft didn’t create much interest in people after a while (nothing being said, no comments, no likes, only impressions…) it means that there are things you could tweak. If you received too many “negative” feedback then you should probably re-think about the overall process. However, if at least one person paid attention and actually interacted with your creation,that’s the golden pot. Your job nowis to investigate and take the right direction from the cue.

A final word

Failure shouldn’t be seen as something scary, nor something to avoid. There is a certain amount of shocks that we, as human beings, should accept as part of our growth. Our entire bodies and minds evolved this way, allowing subtle bursts of confusion and stress, so we can evolve and thrive.

Challenge aren’t meant to scare the hell out of us, if you avoid too many of them, then something’s wrong and you’re missing precious growth. On the other hand, being a 24/7 warrior isn’t challenge but death.Balance is key again.

Hope it helped boys and gals. Comment below and share your experiences in failure, let me know more about you and steal like an artist. (Yeah, I’m an evil vampire, aaarghh)

Talk soon!



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