Scott Annan

We have much less time than we think to live a good life. But enough time to accomplish something meaningful

Start spending time on the things that matter that allow you to cultivate a life of meaning and consequence. Live a life where the stakes are high: start a company, fall in love, start a family, commit to being a great parent. Show up for your friends. Stand up for a cause or for someone who needs your support.

Be a coach, be a mentor, write a book. Share your thoughts with the world. Inspire someone to have purpose. These decisions matter.

Life is meaningful. It’s not pointless. It’s only pointless when you don’t have the right values. When you have the right values and practice the right principles, living a life of meaning and consequence becomes easier because you eliminate the actions that don’t align with your values. A good life is defined by your values. What do you stand for. What is your ethic. What are the operating principles of your life. When you develop the discipline to eliminate choice and distraction and only focus on what matters, and develop the habitual practice of following that discipline in times when it is challenged, is when you can be free.



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