The Danny Morel Show is for Real Estate Sales People and Entrepreneurs that are committed to reaching their true potential. Every week, you will be exposed to the exact systems, skill sets and belief patterns necessary to push you to increase production, efficiency and profitability.

On this episode, I’m talking about the importance of money psychology and how everything we’ve learned in life, including how we view money, has come from our past. If your mental makeup about money is negative or unhealthy, you won’t attract more of it, plain and simple.

I also take a call from Ivan who is just getting started in real estate and wants to know if if I were to start all over again would I go all in? Should he quit his current job and go full force into real estate or keep his job and gradually build his real estate business?

Listen in to hear what I’ve got to say because this episode is pure fire!

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Tactics + Takeaways

• Your perspective changes everything.

• The amount of value that you bring to the world is the amount of money that you receive back.

• First, you need to realize what the problem is so you can attack that problem.

  • Entrepreneurship takes time. It’s a lesson. There are lessons that are learned through time.

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Tweetable Quotes

When it comes to money the real problem is that the psychology that we have about money is keeping us from attracting more of it.

If you have a consciousness about money that is not healthy, guess what? It’s gonna limit the amount of value you give.

If you can’t see passed the brick wall called your story about money, guess what? You will never take the action necessary to get you passed the brick wall.

My favorite affirmation — money flows through me, easily and effortlessly.

All I know is go all in. That’s all I know, that’s all I’ve ever known.

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