Problems are a gold mine for learning, harvest them for knowledge.

If a problem is worth solving it’s worth preserving the knowledge gained. Chances are someone else is facing the same issue and would want to know how to solved it.

Staying alert is crucial to being innovative. When faced with problems we have the tendency to want to fast forward to the end. We tend to want to get to the other side of a problem our soon as possible.

When stressed we tend to settle for our initial, superficial observations. When we are in this mind set we are not focused on seeking to make sense of the situation at hand. It is sense making that is the catalyst behind knowledge creation.

It is important to schedule time to think. Without reflection there is no innovation.

Staying alert is just the first step.

The second step is to journal everything you can about the experience.

Your notes will help you gain clarity. Your notes will help you spot the trend and variables contributing to the issue at hand. Your notes will serve as the foundation for you to preserve, use and share valuable knowledge.