Proof That the Best Things in Life are Free

Talent is captivating, seductive and inspiring.
 We are left speechless by the beauty of Michelangelo’s sculpture.
 We become riveted and enthralled by Adele’s angelic voice.
 We double over in laughter by the comedic genius of Robin Williams.
 We are captivated and awed by the performances of Cirque du Soleil.
 The purpose of this message is not to minimize nor denigrate the need for talent…but to emphasize and exalt qualities independent of talent which, when practiced, add value to others and ourselves.
 While the following traits are not a comprehensive list…they are among the most prominent qualities that require zero talent and which lead to a rich, happy and fulfilled life.

 Work ethic
 Enjoying nature
 Setting a good example
 Taking responsibility
 Making good choices
 Learning from mistakes
 Common sense
 Listening for understanding
 Looking on the bright side
 Being prepared
 Showing up on time
 Doing the right thing
 Committing to excellence
 Raising standards
 Challenging assumptions
 Going the extra mile
 Expressing emotions
 Accepting constructive criticism
 All of these qualities are soft skills…they are smart choices which require no one to choose us or give us permission.
 The best part?
 They are free.
 Zero talent required.

Everything Counts!

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