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The unicorn has left the building.
Finalizing the acquisition of your company is a momentous accomplishment! Jason Nazar, who co-Founded Docstoc in 2006 and sold to Intuit at the end of 2013, shares his insight of the acquisition process: From the moment he began to consider an acquisition, to how he determined the right time to sell and the questions he asked along the way. / Wil Schroter

Top Stories of the Week

Users. Product. Runway. Nothing else matters. If it doesn’t directly impact those things, don’t do it. More startups die from a lack of funds than lack of user traction — and revenue is the antidote for all known problems.
Product Hunt / Sarah Kunst

The work you do shouldn’t be to simply make a living. Use your work as an opportunity to discover your values, realize the things that you care about and unearth what your true passions are in life.
Chargebee / Interview with Laura Roeder, Founder of Edgar

It’s true — A task will take up as much time as you give it. Achieve work / life balance by prioritizing what really matters and confine tasks to a certain length by using Pomodoros or another timer method. If you begin to lose steam when working on a project — come back to it later. But, be sure to begin something else right away to keep your momentum up.
Medium / Stuart Brent

Creating a culture of giving back is more than an admirable goal; it’s an important milestone on the road to success. Choose an opportunity that lines up with your products and target audiences — or a cause based on your personal interests. After all, there’s nothing worse than involvement for involvement’s sake. / Michael Manning

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