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If you are a developer yourself you would know the phenomenon we call ‘Website Migration’. If you aren’t a developer and got in touch with another developer for making changes to your website, they might have suggested you migrate your website to a new system. Well, let us aware of this procedure and why does it become mandatory after some time.

Website Migration is an idea that suggests that your website’s environment is to be changed. It can be in the form of web language you have had previously been using or the design itself. For example, if your current website is on PHP, you might want to shift it to newer development environments like MeanStack or Angular JS. The reason is that these languages are new and cater to the technological advancements that the previous languages didn’t. It’s just like WindowsXP being outshined by Windows 11. Today, can you expect your PCs to be running on Windows XP? No, because with time, our tools become obsolete and we need new ones. Similarly, in the world of web development, you need to keep progressing towards newer technologies and newer ways to entice your users.
Similarly, go back to 2008! Just picture any of the social media platforms in your mind. Can you imagine the same interface being used now as well? No, because with time, so many advancements in designs have taken place that we are all habitual to seeing more interactive interfaces with better designs.

Let’s look into reasons for switching to new systems

As we discussed earlier, web development environments change. The shortcomings of previous languages are taken into consideration by newer languages and thus, the defects are solved. For example, PHP reloads the page when a button is clicked. But with JavaScript, it loads the content without reloading the page. This saves time and the user is happy about it. Web Development has become all about what your user wants and what makes their experience better when you are using their website. Anything that is more efficient in terms of time and loading is appreciated by the user. New technological advancements and introduction of these languages are giving users a better experience and therefore, it is important for us to shift to them once our current language is near to becoming obsolete.

web design and website migration

Moreover, let’s talk about website design in Perth. Imagine yourself reading this page with the current design and then opening it a year or two later and still seeing the same interface. Would you like that? Would you not get bored of it? Would you not want some ways of doing the same thing? For example, cameras in phones have been introduced for a long time. However, with time, these features keeps getting better. Now we have face detection and different filters that can make our pictures than the old ones. So, this is the same feature with better ways of keeping the users happy. Similarly, talk about any of your favorite drink brands. Let’s talk about Coco-Cola, for example. They keep changing their branding because they want to give newer perceptions to their users. So, changing color schemes or different ways of showing the same old things let you keep your users attentive and retain their interest in your website.

Furthermore, have you heard about content management systems? WordPress, Wix, Shopify, etc? They are a set of programs used to create and manage digital content. These CMS programs are extremely useful in today’s world as they promote quality work being done at lesser cost and time. A static website that could take for instance 3 days and $100 budget in languages like HTML/CSS would take $50 and be made in 1 day. Isn’t that amazing? But how is it done? Well, it’s done because these CMS programs let you share your work and work on the features made by different people. For example, login is a common feature that is mostly used on all websites. In that case, why do you code it multiple times when you need to use it over and over again? CMS brings a solution here. The most widely used features are already in them and the developer only has to use their functionality, hence saving time and cost of coding it from scratch. CMS also keeps on improving. WordPress is a common CMS tool that is being utilized with millions of developers in the world. But there are many other CMS programs being introduced. In the future, maybe we see a system that is even better than WordPress. In order to gain benefit from it, we shall switch from WordPress to that new system.

In addition to that, Hosting is another major reason for website migration. What is Hosting? Let’s say you have a parking lot and you have to park your car there. There’s one parking lot that allows you to manually buy the ticket and your in and out timing. There’s another parking lot which is newer and they give you a card and the time of parking is automatically recorded. Which parking lot will you prefer? Obviously the latter one. Why? Because it’s more convenient and saves a lot of time. Similarly, with Hosting companies, there are some better than the others. Some provide you with added benefits like more space due to efficiency in internal systems or faster hosting due to which your website loads fast. So, you will eventually want to migrate your website from one Hosting company to another.

On account of all these above-mentioned reasons, at times it becomes imperative to migrate your website from one system to another. The migration process might be complex and time-consuming but at the same time, it could be the need of the hour. In today’s world, we all need to be highly adaptable to changes! If you make good choices, all these factors can help you grow your business. The reason for that is because undertaking these changes provide a more interactive environment to users where your websites become easy to use in terms of design, functionality and time. Resultantly, they make the user experience better and SEO Friendly website! Your users are retained!



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