Recapping our #STCO16 social media summit

This weekend, Hillary for Colorado hosted the Stronger Together Social Summit to discuss strategies for reaching voters in the age of social media (number one: use a hashtag — #STCO16).

We were joined by some pretty cool speakers:

  • Zerlina Maxwell, Hillary for America’s Director of Progressive Media
  • Adam Mordecai, Editor-at-Large at Upworthy
  • Amy Giese, a Denver blogger
  • Andrea Guendelman, co-founder of, a career-focused social platform for the Latino community

Our esteemed panelists, plus a really, really big H, took the stage and hammered home the importance of authentic personal stories, reaching out to people in your network, and memes.

You can watch their full remarks here — but here are the highlights:

After the panel, the guests joined panelists in small groups to discuss how to target their networks.

And, of course, there were pictures in the photobooth — and with the giant H.

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