Audit existing citations & spot NAP errors

Our reports are designed to be clear & easy to use. In the screenshot below you can see a snapshot of our ‘Top Citations’ table.

Top Citations are the most important citations that ALL* local businesses should be listed on. These are sites with good Domain Authority (aka ‘ranking power’) which will pass authority to your business & boost your local ranking.

*This list contains general citation sites which accept listings for almost all types of businesses & cover all cities & states across the country. Local & industry-specific sites are also important for you to be listed on, but we don’t include these here because they vary for every business & city which makes it a tough task to automatically audit them.

Here are some quick tips on how to read this report:

1. No listing found

In the following screen shot you can see; there is no data next to it which means that we didn’t find a listing on this site.

If you click on the green ‘get citation’ button you’ll be taken to the site where you can add a listing.

2. Listing found but with NAP errors

In this screenshot you can see You can see that we found a listing & grabbed the NAP data.

We mark ‘errors’ in red & here you see the zip/postal code & phone number in red which means that they don’t match the zip/postal code & phone number you provided us for this location.

3. Listing found with possible duplicate listings

On we found a ‘primary’ listing but we also suspect that there are duplicate listings.

If you click on the duplicate icon you can view the ‘dupe’ listings in a pop-up.

If the duplicates are genuine then

you know you need to delete these from the site.

If they’re not real duplicates, then you can easily remove them from your report.

We only provide this detailed NAP audit on Top Citation sites. But we do track & display ALL the citations that we find.

See ALL your Citations on 1 page

There is a 2nd tab in your report called Active Citation‘. Here you can see the full range of citation sites where we found a ‘trace’ of your business.

When we say a ‘trace’ of your business we mean that we searched on these sites using your Business Name + Postal Code + Phone Number & these sites returned a positive match.

We carefully filter the results we get back and if we’re confident that the match is genuine then we include the listing in your report.

Note: our system is thorough & sophisticated but it’s not fool proof. Sometimes you will find listings displayed for a business with a similar name or the same business but in a different town. You can easily edit your report to switch or remove these ‘false-positive’ citations.



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