Turns out, it was just a belly bomb.

Authorities analyse two suspicious packets at an Alabama post office detected a consignment of hot dogs wrapped in aluminum foil, WTVM reports.

Police in Florence, Alabama, were called to the post office around 7:00 a.m ., Wednesday. They said that an initial scanning of the packets by bomb techs raised pertain, prompting detectives to expand the bound around the packages.

Authorities used a robot to approach the suspicious objects, according to WHNT. As they moved its consideration of this agenda item, one of the handbags rent open, discovering the hot dogs.

WTVM It takes a brave policeman to approach a suspicious parcel — even if it is a container of hot dogs.

Even though alarm systems shown itself to be bags of wieners, Florence Police Chief Ron Tyler knows there’s no reason to take any chances.

“It does cost money, but that’s what all levels of society expects, ” Tyler told WTVM. “It’s what we’re prepared for and we understand, from time to time, you have to designate the necessary resources for an accident like this — and those resources are just necessary.”

The Wildwood Tavern, a local forbid and eatery, to indicate that the suspicious hounds were necessitated for their menu.

BREAKING NEWS: Today marks the first time one of our yummy bird-dogs has ever been opened by a robot and accused of being…

Posted by Wildwood Tavern on Wednesday, January 6, 2016

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