SEO can be achieved using two methods

  1. Through content on the website
  2. Through following certain SEO friendly coding techniques which will have a significant effect on ranking our website.

Title of the webpage:

The title is the major thing which is displayed in the search results and also plays a key role in attracting the users to open the link.

Content to be present in the title tag

  1. Provide the apt title and its always a good thing to include keywords which describe your website and business
  2. Include the title tag in the <head></head> tag.
  3. Google displays a maximum of 70 characters of the title in the search results.
  4. It’s a good practice to include the location in the title tag to increase the chance of clicking the link.


Two different URL’s displaying the same content is known as canonicalization. There is a huge possibility that we may have duplicate data in our web pages so when crawling the website we need to mention the crawler to rank the main page on the top and duplicate page on the bottom in the search results.

To guide the crawler in prioritizing the web page we use the technique of non-canonicalization.

let’s assume we have two pages page 1 and page 2 with same data. But we want page 1 to be displayed on top and page 2 on the bottom.

use the link tag in page 2 to say crawler that this duplicate data and give priority to the original page.

<link href=” link to the page 1″ rel=’’canonical”> in the head tag.

Site Architecture:

Always keep in mind not to trick the search engine using some black hat techniques. A good SEO ranked webpage is the one in which the design the content is vivid to the users and not tricked to fool the search engine crawlers by including irrelevant data keywords. If a webpage content flow and the navigation are user-friendly it is automatically ranked high in results.

The homepage is the main page where we guide our users to different sections of the website, so ensure we give a clear idea where the user is navigating.

It’s a good practice to use breadcumbs to the display the current position of the user. Breadcumbs play a key role in determining the indexing.

Breadcumbs look like

figure 1

URL Structure:

Proper URL structuring is very important in indexing.

  1. Avoid using underscores in the URL.
  2. Use ‘-’ instead underscores.
  3. URL should be logical and the subdirectories should be clearly named so that user knows where exactly he is navigated.

example with this in the browser the user comes to know where exactly he on the website., etc… are SEO friendly URL’s.

Meta description and Meta keywords:

Meta tags with attributes description and keywords are the most significant tags in determining the SEO ranking of the website.

Like the title tag helps in the title to be displayed in the search results, the description details let the crawler know the description of our webpage and it also displayed in the search results along with the title. Make sure the number of characters which we are entering the description doesn’t exceed 15 words.


Using black hat SEO techniques you may get the temporary rankings but which will eventually cost your website huge penalties and even end up being a completely blacklisting of your webpage permanently by the search engines.



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