I’m incredibly excited and encouraged by the good Seattle citygoers are doing, and the effect it’s beginning to have on our homeless community (more on this later). I’ve also gotten some notes from the ones who haven’t gotten their first beacon notification yet. There’s 3 reasons at stake.

1) There’s 1,175 of you, with only 50 beacon holders. The odds of passing one still aren’t great. We are training up volunteers and nonprofits to hand out beacons, because we honestly need to double how many are out there. Let me know if you want to help.

2) Certain iPhones are behaving “sluggishly”. They’re not getting notifications when others are, especially Android. Andrei, Andy and I are experimenting w/ new code and soon new types of beacons to resolve it.

3) Check GiveSafe’s app permissions — Notifications and Location Use should be given, and Bluetooth should be on. We don’t use your GPS, which keeps battery use extremely minimal. Read more on bluetooth & battery use on Apple and Quora.

For #1 above, we are hiring a PT beacon storyteller. We’re also announcing a PT/FT position in growth marketing. Know anyone? We offer unprecedented perks, such as free rides everywhere.

intern lyfe

I’m proud of the first summer hackership, and a hackathon we won at yesterday. Andrey’s back in high school and Andrei, Andy, Grayson have all ‘graduated’ to junior roles with us. We’re thankful for the skills & leadership development that’s happened. Feel free to refer new design or dev candidates our way.

couldn’t resist using this again

Lastly, as weather gets worse, Army Navy Surplus in Belltown and Outdoor Emporium in SODO have stepped up to support beacon spending, so holders can stay warm and protected. Be sure to visit and check out their wares yourself sometime — I found a pretty cool army sweater at Army Navy the other day.


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