OK, full disclosure here: I did NOT achieve all my goals for 2016. There; I said it! *WHEWF*

That said, I wanted to understand why I set the goals that I did, and why I didn’t hit them all. Here, take a look my top three from December 2015 Goal Planning-

  • I wanted more clients, and set the goal for myself to have 3 recurring retainers of at least 6 months each. I got 2/3 the way there until December 19th, when I signed my first year-contract with a major client! So, at least 3 more clients for Imaginbound Media in 2016- CHECK!
  • I wanted to hire 3 people- 1 full time and 2 part time. I got as far as an intern. So 3 employees for Imaginbound Media- FAIL!
  • I wanted a new episode of the Snapchatters Podcast every Friday. Delivering consistent content is crucial especially for a podcast. However, once client work began to take more and more of my time, something HAD to give and unfortunately, the Snapchatters Podcast was impacted. FAIL!

Here I am, 12 months later and in a much better place than I expected, even without hitting 100% of my targets. I owe a TON to you folks! And what better way to close out 2016 than to give credit where it is due for the year that was, at least so far, the best in my professional career!

THANK YOU, Vincent Orleck!

Thank you, Vincent Orleck, for taking me ‘under your wing’ so to speak. So many of 2016’s best moments for me happened with an because of you! Namely, introducing me to your friends and colleagues on Twitter and in real life at Social Media Marketing World 2016. You’ve promoted not just me, but the Snapchatters Podcast and many of my works and never once asked me to return the favor. I’m looking forward to more collaboration professionally and personally. 2017 is going to be great! THANK YOU!

THANK YOU, Vincenzo Landino!

An uncle of mine I was very close to passed away suddenly this past spring. He was one of only a few members of my family that believed in what I’ve been building, and always offered encouragement and support.

Vincenzo Landino and I had been exchanging tweets and live streams and such, but when he heard my uncle passed, he was equally distraught. Uncle Craig had an positive impact on everyone, including Enzo.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity, particularly through one of the hardest moments of 2016 for me personally. Once meeting up with you in San Diego a month later, that hug meant and still means the world. Thank you for your friendship- I’m so blessed to call you my friend. Truly!

THANK YOU, Chris Strub!

I can’t ever thank you enough, Chris Strub, for spending time with me recording not just ONE podcast interview but TWO! For allowing our conversations to be deeply honest, and for your continued support for the show and for me. My life is better because you are in it and I mean that! I’m looking forward to meeting you in person in 2017! WE NEED TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

2016 would not have been as great of a year if it weren’t for Chris. I’ve seen first hand as many of his friends will attest to as well, that passion and endurance in the face of adversity DOES pay off. His determination to push through hardships and yet simultaneously be such an encouraging support for people like me in his community is nothing short of awe-inspiring!

THANK YOU, Christin Kardos!

Many of my new friends were folks that I once considered my “Tweet Peeps” and Christin Kardos was one of the first to befriend a newbie like myself. By the time we met in San Diego this past spring, that ‘handshake turned into a hug’ just like mutual friend Brian Fanzo @iSocialFanz always said it would!

Christin, THANK YOU for allowing me to ask you questions, for having the best advice, and for being a genuinely awesome person! You are one of only a handful of folks that I can take both tactics AND inspiration from! You hustle harder than most, you give of yourself and your time so selflessly, you accepted me into your world and circles just as I am, and you are the same person ‘IRL’ that you are on social; something we both know doesn’t happen much.

THANK YOU, Madalyn Sklar!

One of my favorite memories I share with Madalyn was when we walked the halls of Social Media Marketing World together like we’ve been friends since high school! The end of the conference was awesome too, having a pitcher an pizza with Vincent Orleck, Madalyn and myself is something I’ll always cherish!

Thank you, Madalyn Sklar, for helping me so early in my career and for your continued support! You’ve made such an incredible impact on my professional life and I can’t thank you enough!

THANK YOU, Gary Vaynerchuk

Ok ok, yes, the chances of Gary ACTUALLY putting his eyeballs to this are slim, but JUUUUUUUUUUuuuuusssst in case…..

Gary, a handshake between men where I come from is a bond; a promise. I’ll never forget your words of encouragement you shared with that handshake in San Diego this past April. If my “head nods from the front row during my speech was enough” for you, than thanking you for your pat on my back is enough for me!

THANK YOU, Guest of the Snapchatters Podcast!

I wrote a separate ‘Thank you’ to each guest, see it here.


It would be near impossible to thank everyone who’s made me smile, laugh, think, challenge myself, etc.

See you in 2017! I love you all!!



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