2016 started off HOT for the show. As the year went on, I found it so hard to keep going with all the other work I’ve been doing.

While I can’t guarantee e new show every Friday, I can tell you with certainty the Snapchatters Podcast is not going ANYWHERE but UP! Coming next year are some incredible guests, and more insights from folks who just flat out KNOW Snapchat!

Here are the guests, their shows an a note of thanks to each!


Jed Record and Ahna Hendrix, some of the first guests the show ever had! Than you for your time and attention to this project in the infant stages!

Shaun Ayala- Man, what can I say? I’ve asked you 8 gajillion questions before, during an after the interview and you’ve been so responsive and encouraging! THANK YOU for all you do for me, the show an your community!

Aaron Martinez AKA AaronFPS- Dude, I’ve sure enjoyed getting to know you man! Looking forward to a Real Life meetup one day! Thank you for watching my Snap Stories, for sharing out your episode, for your interactions, everything! You’re a damn good man!

Blake Croft- I was such a fan-boy while doing your interview! In the months leading up to the interview we shared ideas with each other and collaborated on the Snaps! I’ve not kept in better contact since, so please accept my apologies! Thank you for all the value you bring to listeners of your episode and for being a genuinely amazing fella!

To the boyz at Drinkaggedon, Moritz and Pedro- If I could have afforded that plane ticket abroad to Snaphappen, it would have been worth every cent to hang out with you guys! Thank you for your time, energy, and enthusiasm about the show and for being welcome recipients a few drunken snaps 😉 ! Love you boyz!

Virginia Salas Kastilio AKA GiniCanBreathe- You’ve been one of my biggest advocates to other Snapchatters and such an amazing instrument of courage and strength in my life! Thank you for YOU! You’re changing this world and impacting folks like me along the way!

Zach Hansen, my youngest brother and episode 19 rock-star! Thank you for always watching my content everywhere, for sharing your humor and insights with my listeners, and for being a rock-solid individual! You care for everyone around you and you are going to be a force in this world! Thanks Zachman!

Brian Fanzo @iSocialFanz- Man, what can I say… Thank you doesn’t seem to cover it! You featured me in your blog, answered so many of my questions, intro’d me to many members of your community and shown me support and encouragement since 2015! I’m in your debt brother, and in your corner for anything you need!

Tyler Anderson- Dude, meeting you in San Diego last spring was amazing! Thank you for showing me around, for the access you’ve given me to your agency and all the answers you’ve provided me in the weeks since your show aired. If I can do it half as well as you have, I’ll be pretty damn great!

Gregg AKA CashChatSnaps- Buddy, your encouragement brought me and the show through a pretty rough patch there. Your friendship is something I hold most dear. Thank you!

Vincent Orleck AKA NotAGuru- Making not one, two, three but FOUR appearances on the show! Before I’m accused of nepotism (LOL) just know that when you and I co-host together, those are some of my favorite episodes! Thanks for all the value you bring to listeners of the podcast an for your tireless efforts in promoting it!

Carlos Gil- My Montana connection! Buddy, I learned so much from watching you this year! Thank you for being in my corner, for your shout outs, for your encouragement and your time!

Ivan Kwan- Ivan you are the freaking man! I’ve listened to the raw interview with you so many times and I need to apologize profusely for not keeping in better communication with you! I hope all is well; THANK YOU for wisdom an encouragement!

“The Randohs”- These are folks that appeared as random guests, either in interviews or contributors to content through out the year. THANK YOU to Sandra Centorino, Bree Palmer, Kat Macaulay, Jonathan Tripp, Allesio Maltrotto, Jose Watson, Kristy Gillentine and more! THANK YOU!

George B Thomas- Buddy I can’t thank you enough for what is personally my most favorite episode of all time! Thank you for your time, your wisdom, and for helping out a fellow Montanan! Be well brother!

Jessica Zweig- Your confidence in me and the show has been outstanding from the ‘git’! Your success as a woman in business in one of the toughest places to do so is nothing short of admirable and should be shouted from the rooftops of Chi-town and beyond! Thank you for your friendship, Jess! Thank you for being kind, generous with your time and for accepting me just the way I am!

Chris Strub- well shoot man; it may have taken two tries but I’ll be damned if we didn’t ‘git ‘r dun’ eh! Chris, you have been such an important part of journey here in this project especially. Thank you for including my in your collaborations on the Snaps as well as for your time. Thank you for consistently sharing out the podcast and for sending new listeners! Most of all, thank you for your honesty and for being my friend! God bless you Chris! Love you Brother!

Jay Acunzo- Jay, your podcast “Unthinkable” has changed me for the better! Thank you for challenging me to go deeper, for giving me permission to ship imperfection, and for the freedom to create with you! I’ll see you in San Diego for SMMW17?

While I can’t say for certain where the podcast is going long term, I can at least be thankful to all these wonderful folks who gave of their hearts, minds and TIME to talk about Snapchat.

But the REAL BIG THANKS goes to you, the listeners! You’ve connected with me on the Snaps, the tweets and everywhere else. From Paris to California, from Australia to Germany, from Boston to San Franciso; You’ve made this entire journey worth it! I hope to keep bringing you more great folks to follow and learn from in 2017!



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