Despite us being in the ‘slowest’ few weeks of the year, several major changes have been made to social media platforms that you need to know about. A race to differentiate, a ‘new normal’ in metric reporting, and privacy concerns top out today’s Big Three.

Snapchat Games?

Gone are the days of games like Farmville on Facebook. Or are they?

Snapchat released a holiday-centered game called ‘Santa’s Helper’ through Snapchat Lens that you can actually play with friends for a battle of high score. It’s a fairly simple game, just tilting your phone to work your way down a slope, but it’s a bigger story in that Snapchat could be trying to keep ahead of the game. Especially now that Facebook has introduced more lens/filter like additions to their Messenger app. Pretty soon, you’ll be cultivating a harvest virtually or hitting the winning putt on the 18th hole at the Masters through the help of Snapchat or Facebook.

Twitter Metric Issues — Resolved?

In November, Facebook announced it had uncovered several bugs in which there were problems in reporting metrics such as organic reach, Facebook Live video views, and analytics for Apps (as well as other minor issues).

As reported by Business Insider, a bug in a recent version of Twitter’s Android app inflated video ad metrics by almost 35% in some cases. The affected advertisers were informed as soon as they were found and issued refunds for campaigns that ran between November 7th and December 12th.

Unfortunately, a bigger problem has emerged as a result of the news. Happening on the very heels of Facebook’s ad reporting issue, it raises the question of the reliability of metrics being offered by the major networks. This is particularly hurtful for companies looking to invest more ad dollars into social media.

Facebook Removing Maps from Nearby Friends

Perhaps one of the more creepy functions to Facebook, the Nearby Friends app is making a major change to how it delivers a user’s location information to friends. Before, you could opt-in to Facebook having your precise location and notify your friends when you were close to their location. By accessing a map, you could pinpoint the exact location in a neighborhood where your friend was located.

Now, Facebook will only give your friends access to the neighborhood where you’re located. Josh Constine of TechCrunch reports that there will be a “desktop version of the feature, which provides users with a list of friends who are within a few miles, also by neighborhood, and gives them an option of tapping those friends’ names to send them messages. The feature is still in testing, but an image provided to TechCrunch can be seen below.

Sound Off

What do you think of the changes to the networks? In a time of increased privacy and security concerns, there begs to be a way that social networks can be optimized for user experience, yet still providing a safe, reliable way to work and play.



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