These days, it seems like everyone is all about Snapchat and capturing selfies. Not everyone, though, enjoys carrying a selfie stick or a mount; so why not transform an object that’s already in your hands, like a bottle, into the ultimate picture-taking accessory for those special moments? That’s exatly what Coca-Cola Israel has done, with the help of Gefen Team for the soda company’s Summer Love campaign.

Introducing the Coca-Cola Selfie Bottle — it’s literally a bottle designed to snap selfies as you drink out of it. The custom camera perfectly fits on the bottom of a 0.5L bottle of Coca-Cola, and thanks to cutting edge technology and state of the art hardware, the bottles ‘senses’ whenever there is a 70-degree tilt, then takes a picture.

All of the pictures are then uploaded to users’ Snapchat, Coca-Cola Israel’s Facebook and Instagram Instagram pages, where users can tag themselves and their friends.



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