The first question for many Architects is: What is Social Media Marketing anyway. The second would be why should I use it. Why should I even invest my valuable time? In this post we want to answer the first question and with this knowledge in mind the second question will be easier to understand.

How can Companies like Facebook and Instagram be worth billions of dollars, whereas it seems that you can only post an image an get a like? How can that justify such a high value and how can that whole concept be beneficial for other companies?

Build your brand — Reach People

Well, the essence of every social media channel from the view of a company is: Reach as many people as possible to promote and sell your service. Hence, build or sharpen your brand and engage with people and turn them into potential customers. It has a lot to do with building your brand image and awareness through pictures and stories and to place and to sell your product in the next moment.

Companies show who they are, or oftentimes how they want to be seen. You can build a bond. You can show insights about your company, show what you value and build a strong relationship to the people out there.

An established part of today’s Companies

Nowadays, in the rest of the business world, social media became already an established part of most companies during the last few years. I guess everyone thought, why the hell do I need this in the first place? But today the benefits are quite clear. Today, a lot of companies rely solely on Social Media Marketing. It is a convenient way to become known very fast throughout your target group and than sell what you have to offer.

Nearly every company and all of the Startups hire Social Media Manager and bigger companies even outsource the whole Social Media part to so called Social Media Agencies.

They will develop a strategy about how the company will be represented on the different channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and so on. That can mean, A: Be authentic and simply let people know what you are doing anyway, or, B: Implement a strategy on how you want to be seen and then act up on it. (By the way, I am a huge fan of option A, just be authentic, everything else won’t work in the long term.

A lot of efforts are made to develop a strategy on how the company brand should be build and what groups should be reached.


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