I can get pretty competitive. I grew up playing sports and as much as I’d hate to admit, winning feels so good. So, as the marketing manager for my digital marketing agency there was a high-volume keyword that we weren’t ranking for, yet.

By all means, we were already capturing first page rankings on Google for keywords that matter most to our business like: Grow Property Management Business, Property Management Marketing, and Property Management Leads. However, there were other keywords that were not totally relevant for our business, but it would have been nice to get into that first-page of Google to bring in the extra traffic and domain authority. Those keywords were….

  • How to Start a Property Management Company
  • Starting a Property Management Company

For something as niche as property management, those keywords are pretty beefy. If we were able to create the right content, we could be introducing ourselves to 1,800+ new people a month, who can eventually be customers.

A little background on us: Our marketing agency is primarily focused on helping property management businesses around the world gain investor leads on the Internet through digital marketing.

For perspective, while we commanded top spots for keywords like property management marketing and property management leads — they would bring in 170 average monthly searches each.

Being the only marketer in a growing startup agency, it’s difficult to allocate the time and resources to a keyword that does not directly affect our company’s bottom line or our initiatives. If you’re familiar with Brian Dean’s skyscraper technique, to organically rank on Google’s first page means that you simply have to create much better content than what’s out there right now. That means it would have to be a lot of work.

And, not to mention, delivering content on starting a property management company is not our expertise.

…. Then I got invited to go to a statewide property manager’s conference in 2016.

CALNARPM in San Diego, CA

That’s when the lightbulb went off.

I would get property managers at the conference to give their best advice for people looking to start a property management business. It wasn’t easy; originally I just wanted property managers to give their advice, but they were too busy learning about new products and going to workshops. So we did a slight pivot and instead interviewed vendors.

With the help of Marie Liamzon, we titled it as the 10 Industry Experts on How to Start a Property Management Company.

This turned out to be really easy, because vendors jumped at the chance to get extra exposure for their brand. Also, link-building is taken care of for you, if you ask beforehand, those vendors will link back to your article, indicating to Google that this is high-quality content.

The results?

Following SEO best practices, we have been on the first page of Google for Starting a Property Management Company and How to Start a Property Management Company for at least 3 months (that is as far Google Search Console data goes back)

Here’s How You Can Do This for Your Business

First, you’ll need to find the ambitious, high-volume keyword that you want your business to rank for. If you don’t know of one yet, Google Keyword Planner is a fantastic tool to uncover data on keywords. Once you find your keyword, Google it and review the results on the page. What can you offer that is different from the other search results? What is that content missing? Consider these questions, as SEO is largely based on delivering unique value beyond what other sites offer.

Once you have a good idea, and the type of questions that you can ask, then you can proceed with asking the experts in the industry.

The best case scenario would be to do this at a conference or a networking event with people in the industry you serve. People are much more likely to say yes when you are seeing them in-person as opposed to you sending out an email. Since there is a time constraint in you having to receive the information from them, you will be able to collect content easier and quicker.

Let the interviewees know that you will place a link back to their website if they will provide a link back to your article once it gets published. Be sure to detail the benefits on how search engines value backlinks and also — don’t forget to collect their business card so you can follow up with them.

Pro-Tip: Turn this into a video. You can record HD-quality videos off of your iPhone, there is really nothing stopping you. Not only did this blog get us on the front page of Google, but it also got us 2,500+ YouTube views.


Be patient. It took us about 5 months for Google to recognize that blog as first-page material.

Due to the success of this blog, our agency is putting the final touches on a product specifically for people that are looking to start a property management business. The best part? It came naturally to us — we didn’t have to spend countless hours on the content of the article, we let the experts do it.

Conferences are a great experience and the benefits are intangible in what you take away. Really impress your bosses with taking the initiative and you’ll prove to be invaluable.

I love feedback, if you enjoyed this post, please let me know. Feel free to add me on Linkedin at https://www.linkedin.com/in/sidhu90/ or send me an email if you have any questions at yaguneetsidhu@gmail.com.



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