An evening for Upside members to learn and connect.

At our Member Breakfast in August, two key insights came out of our discussion. Our members are looking for more opportunities to connect with each other, and one of the most common challenges being faced is finding a ‘digital marketing ninja’ to support business growth. Thus was born the idea for our latest event: a dinner for our members on November 2 focused on digital marketing.

Caleb Rubin, Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer of Kahuso, kicked off the conversation sharing his insights into the digital marketing world. He shared an overview of what digital marketing really is, the types of skills to look for when hiring a person to fill this role, and the key steps to developing and implementing an effective digital marketing strategy.

Caleb had many insights into digital marketing

Marketing has changed from a monologue to a dialogue. Digital marketing is effectively managing that conversation

Some useful tools to manage that conversation include: Buzzsumo, Mention, Hootsuite, HubSpot, Google Analytics, SuperMetrics, Lucky Orange, Quora, Outreach Ninja.

Key reasons why digital marketing fails:

  • There’s no strategy (persona mapping; which conversations are you going to own)
  • Talking about what you do vs why they should care (check out Simon Sinek’s TED talk on this concept)
  • Not having the right lens (has to be about growth- maniacally moving people through that funnel)

Great marketing does 1 of 4 things*:

  • Amplifies dreams
  • Alleviates fears
  • Puts them on safe ground
  • Allows you to throw rocks at your enemies

*Principles derived from Ray Edwards

Key elements of a great digital marketer today:

  • Brand strategist
  • Data scientist
  • Geeky nerd — like to get your hands dirty with tools & experiment
  • True north = growth — maniacal about growth and learning

You will need each of these things more at different stages at your startup. Because it’s virtually impossible to find one person who embodies all of these, Caleb suggests hiring someone who is maniacal about growth and learning, and supporting them with a coach who can help them with the brand elements.

The idea of marketing today is not that you know but that you know how to learn — failing is learning, and you need to continue to fail in marketing to learn and grow

By popular request, the full talk can be viewed online by Upside Foundation members here. Reach out to Jen if you do not yet have the password.

A huge thank you to Caleb Rubin & Michael Carter, Co-Founders of Kahuso, for lending their expertise to Upside Foundation members. In addition, they have generously offered one free search on Kahuso to members (a $1,000 value).



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