A mystery forest far away from any villages or city near by. If spent more than a hour within it can cause delusion. At the same time it can cause individuals to spent days or months within the forest.

Ervast a town were everyone know each other, address by their first names and 50 miles away from anything surround it. It has brought more tourist to it as years come. To learn more about what cause individual to go nuts and disappear for days or even months sometimes.

A farm boy by the name of Dyan enjoys playing with his image friend with his toys. Pretending they are human being and actually have feel and emotions. His parents were worry since tourist have increase and more people are interest on the landscaping of their village. They think that their son might be effective by it. Dyan became very close to his image friend and his parents got more worry. Dyan brought him to the tablet dinner and ask to be treat it as he was.

Three days past since no one had seen Dyan. Rumors has spread to the town the Dyan have follow the path of the forest. His attach to his image friend have guide him to far away path from.

Dyan hasn’t been seen since the morning he brought him to his parents tablet for dinner. His image has taken off the grid but his not far like everyone think he is. He just being hiding in his own world for a long time. Just like the other children around the town. That only have last two months in order to get back to reality.


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