My company is in chaos. The sales team is antagonizing my sales head and operations head. My operations head has conflicts with the sales manager and sales team. The sales manager is raising issues about the operations head and the sales team.

On top of that, our HR manager is also disgusted with the admin personnel and sales head.

I was just an audience these past weeks just observing them fight and dislike each other.

I got a letter few weeks back from three different people complaining about a lot of things towards this another person. And it reached to a point that one of the sales executive is threatening to resign.

To me, I know exactly what to do. I know the fundamentals. But for some reason, I was so stubborn and I don’t have the energy to get into the middle of it and align them.

This has been happening since I augmented our team 2 months ago until I told myself recently its about time to step in. Its simple, its fundamental.

Anything can be mastered if you do the fundamentals over and over again. Just like when a vocal coach train the singer to sing the do re mi on every single session.

Leadership is about coaching. And coaching them is a fundamental thing to do for a CEO.

I did it gradually. I talked to each of them separately and started by reiterating our purpose. I told them that I remember the level of their enthusiasm and commitment when they accepted my job offer. I felt disappointed when I learned that they easily give up when they encounter a roadblock.

I told them my story about how I endured all the challenges I faced over 15 years and I am still standing and living my purpose. To be successful is to do the basic thing, laser focus discipline and resilience.

It has to be stimulated over and over again, daily if not hourly.

For me, I have to do also the basics of consistent mentoring and training. It shouldn’t stop and so far since I regained my motivation to do it again, things are re-aligning.

We have strategic planning session this week for 2017 and I am looking forward to meet them all in one place and share with them the power of fundamentals.



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