The reason why Vine shut down

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Social media plans are important for any business, brand, or personality. It’s good to have a goal or plan for your business. Social media companies are fickle and they change all the time. It’s a good strategy to be on more than one social network. However, not being on every social network. The biggest reason for this is any of these sites can shut down. They can pivot and do something different. There is no guarantee that the platform will not change or be there for a long time. It is unknowable. However, the site you can control is your own website. This is your best asset and something you need. Your website is the place you call home. Treat your home well.

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Marketing News Analyzed:

  • Reddit launches ad targeting
  • LinkedIn did well last quarter
  • The ugly earnings of Twitter
  • Twitter is shutting down Vine
  • YouTube enables end screen for everyone
  • Google Partners gets a bad bug
  • AMP is something everyone is not happy about
  • Google Tag Manager adds better support for Amp
  • Mobile paid ads grew 136%
  • Facebook takes more features from Snapchat
  • Why you should diversify your social media presence

Apps/Programs To Try:

Tweetable Quotes:

It’s important to have a diverse social media plan.

The problem with Vine is Twitter did not support it well.

It’s wise to observe what these social networks are doing.


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