How much can you do without a single dollar of funding? A lot.
Imagine having the ability to completely map out your business ecosystem, customer relationships, value streams, etc… without any investment. Just like graphic prototyping before machining — customer discovery before go-to-market.

Jacket360’s road to customer discovery is 42 interviews deep… but you can never do enough interviews. We started off with an idea, an idea that could save the lives of cyclists, runners, and motorcyclists. But was our idea even marketable, valuable, crazy?

Step 1: start with a measurable hypothesis.

— I believe that the 80 club cyclists from the Kalamazoo Bicycle Club would ride 30 minutes longer and 5 more times a week on Kalamazoo’s streets if their risk of collision was 50% lower by having wearable blindspot detection device starting in May 2017 in their local bicycle shop — Pedal Kalamazoo & Alfred E Bikes. —

Step 2: ask the right questions

— What factors keep riders from riding? Fear? Traffic? Riding solo?

— Are any of those factors also driving the purchase of safety equipment?

— How much of a reduction in collision risk is enough to have value?

— Would they be ready to try new wearable technology?

Step 3: learn, measure, build on the data collected and do it again…and again…and again… Most importantly, get expert advice from those that have been down the customer discovery road.

Get expert advice on your hypothesis — and put your business model to the test HERE.

Looking forward to meeting any startup fanatics out in San Fran for the Lean Startup Conference!



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