Sorry, “Game of Thrones, ” but “Downton Abbey” is the best demonstrate ever. The historical romance oozings style.

The show plays host to Lady Sybils periwinkle harem pants and Lady Marys enviable roaring ’2 0s sequins. It has witty banter, beautiful men( Tweet me, Allen Leech) and Dame Maggie Smith, for weeping out loud.

“Game of Thrones” might build me dread weddings, but Downton is next level drama.

What depicted me in initially, however, wasnt Allen Leechs jawline. It was the etiquette.The reveal makes me pine for a period when people courted instead of swiping right.

Every mannerism, conversation and comebackwasshaped around the strict conduct codes of the post-Edwardian era.

While I cant model my life on “Downton” I dont have a Carson , nor am I a Dutchess I can take certain social cues and are being implemented to my day-to-day.

To help channel my inner Lady Mary, I spoke with lifestyle and etiquette expert Elaine Swann on how toapplysome ’2 0s-style suavity to social situations.

From awkward holiday parties to modern-day dating, here’s how to live the “Downton” way.

Start giving a sh* t about what other people think.

You might be a boss lady who doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks, but its time to take a step back.

At the turn of the century, reputation shaped your entire subsistence. Things arent as severe these days, but maybe giving a f* ck isnt such a bad idea.

Swann stresses the importance of being worried about how we conduct ourselves whether were out in public, at work or even online.

Etiquette is all about putting others at ease, Swann tells. Consideration[ means] doing something that wont embarrass someone else.”




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