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The Shade Room is everyone’s favorite Instagram page for celebrity news and gossip. The Instagram page was created in March 2014 by Angelica Nwandu. Like many other black owned media companies, the road has not been easy for TSR. In April 2016, Facebook removed the site for violating the social media network’s community standards.


TSR is no different than TMZ yet companies like Facebook make it difficult for the gossip site. Facebook clearly doesn’t understand TSR’s true value. TSR was started on Facebook’s company, Instagram. A majority of TSR’s “roommates” are African American.

 Make sure you’re following all TSR’s social media accounts! The Shade Room’s Snapchat name is TheShadeRoom:

The Shade Room Snapchat Name

The Shade Room Snapchat Name 
 A substantial amount of African Americans are unable to afford computers, forcing them to rely on their mobile devices. But for these African Americans, social media platforms, like Instagram, would be less popular. Likewise, but for addicting Instagram accounts, like TSR, Instagram would be less popular.

 Facebook should think twice before deleting accounts. Media companies, like TSR, work hard to keep people on social media platforms yet they’re often taken for granted. It’s only a matter of time before TSR gets sick and tired of the unfair treatment and creates a social media platform of their own.

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