So who are we? We’re not known, we want people to know of us, we want the public to use this product so it’ll be huge and known internationally, so it will break the statistics of the beginning of a start up, and so, we dare to dream big.

Back to reality, a team of three partners who work between Even Yehuda to Tel Aviv, trying and hoping to build a successful business which they believe in with all their heart, hoping people will love and enjoy their product as much as they do.

There’s a logo and a design language, and now, what can you do in order for us to be known?

The starting point begins with your own facebook account. Weird right? We always hear the phrase “business pages”. From our experience, it’s probably a good idea to start with one of our more active partners in terms of friends and posts. People prefer to see a person and not a brand. Emotionally, it’s easier for people to connect to a product when they know who’s behind the brand. So start with an introduction post. Introduce the product on the business page but also come from a more personal angle to appeal to others more easily. Share posts and statuses on the business page, but also create a personal post on the same page. All of this you can then connect to your Instagram. Sound complicated? This is the place either to overcome your fears or to ask for help from others that can help you with that. We, for example, are a team that keeps everything in one place (the development, the product, marketing, and the business strategy) except for the design language which we give an external designer to do. It’s important to know our strengths and our weaknesses so we can work according to them.

Anyways, always maintain your personal side, whether or not you chose to start a business page. Also, if I weren’t writing this from a personal level, you probably would’ve gotten bored and moved on to the next thing…I hope you’re still with me.

So we already have a few likes on our Facebook page, a few comments on our posts, and even several followers on our Instagram page. Though mostly, we get a lot of support from the community which can probably mean we’re doing something good.

For now, we’re really excited because in about a week our app will come out. Until then, thank you for reading up until here. If you have any questions about how to start, or where all the courage even comes from, write to us:

Keren, and of course the rest of the partners.



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