I know that no idea is 100% unique, and I do think that an improvement on another idea can be very valuable. That’s not what I’m talking about here.

What I’m talking about are startups that are literal clones of something else.

Here’s a couple of really common ones I can think of now (maybe I’ll update this list later).

The Hired.com Clones

Now any tool that can help you find jobs is useful. But the ones you see nowadays always have one thing in common: They only target people looking for techie jobs. I don’t think I ever saw a hired.com clone for artists or anything like that. Apparently, we are not trying to help people find jobs. We just want to profit off of people who can get jobs.

At the very least, make it so I don’t have to type out my entire work history even though I already gave you my resume (or my LinkedIn profile, because Isn’t LinkedIn basically like a resume anyway?).

The Blue Apron Clones. Aka “Food Delivery Service That You Still Need To Cook Because It Makes You Feel Better About Yourself”

I tried one of the mainstream food-you-gotta-cook delivery services because a friend of mine got a free week’s worth of food from them. Some of them were pretty tasty. Some of them were meh. I think the main thing about these food-you-gotta-cook delivery services is the types of meals you can order are very limited. After a while, you get sick of the same lemon caper bullshit. Sometimes you just want some lasagna or something.

I can see why this is the case though. They need to order food in bulk in such a way that 1) the ingredients can make a wide enough variety of meals, and 2) foods get delivered soon enough to be fresh. Anyway, it was kind of fun at first, but now it’s getting old.



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