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This has been a question that has been weighing on my heart massively.
People do not understand what we do as artists, and I think it’s best I explain it the best way I know how.
I’m not a writer, in fact.. my blog is terrifying to me because I don’t always know what to say….
I am an artist. I create in my mind what I see as a beautiful world.
I take realism and make it the way I portray it.
My photography does not go as far as snapping a button, downloading your photos, slapping a water mark and calling it a day. It’s so much more than that. I had someone ask me “what makes your work different.”
I can’t exactly form it into words, but I can try.

Not speaking for everyone, but when I’m with a client on a photoshoot, I am spending time with “you” the client during your session. I’m getting to know you and your family, friends, whoever may be with you and capturing what I’ve met within my stills. Why would you go out of your way to pay someone hundreds of dollars only to snap a button and put their logo on it without the middle details involved? Better yet, why would you pay someone $50 for the same rushed unedited quality that you will later look back on and regret not saving and researching the perfect artist for yourself?

The things that go into “my” work for a shoot are:

Your consultation:
Whether it’s in person or via phone call/email.. I am getting to know what you expect from me. Having a fun, exciting idea is only the first part of having photos taken. If you’re about to spend your hard earned dollars on photos, you should save up and choose a photographer who is skilled and has true talent. I’m speaking for more than just myself.
Can I get an amen photographer friends?

Your preparation for your shoot day:
There are times I will go above and beyond to find props and outfits for a session.. and locations. It’s not easy. But talking with me and communicating what you want is another way to get the photographs you’ve dreamed of having.

Your shoot day:
We will spend anywhere from 1 hour to an entire day laughing and capturing moments. You don’t want to see an unedited image and think, OH MY GOSH WHY IS THE LIGHTING SO BAD? Oh my goodness the shadows are so dark? It takes away from loving the moment that is inside of the photo.

Your prints and products:
Your photo shoot doesn’t have to end at digital files.
A lot of people don’t realize how awesome pillows, canvases, blankets, décor, and other gifts can be for family members, holiday gifts, etc. I can’t tell you how much I LOVE seeing a HUGE canvas above a fire place. It’s beautiful and something to look back at and smile!

Okey dokey, so back to the unedited files thing……
Here are a few reasons why us as photographers do not give unedited files:

1. It gives way for editing without proper consent.. Someone may think we edited the file that you or someone else decided to alter from a raw file that we gave you.

2. We want people to see us as artists and know something is our work. We don’t want judgment or bad things said because a poor quality image was released before we edited it.

3. “RAW/Unedited” images are not a finalized products… Future clients may get the wrong idea and think “Is this really their work?” or “They must really lack consistency” We can lose clients because they are scared their images will look like those few unedited photographs you scared that one time 3 weeks ago on social media.

4. Sometimes editing is needed for certain things and and we don’t want people to see how it looks before processing. A lot of people don’t like unedited work and wouldn’t want to see it until it’s ready to be released.

5. I can’t stress quality over quantity enough. I post that all over my social media pages.. Would you rather have 50 amazing edited photographs with great angles, or 3,000 poorly lit, bad angled images with crazy facial expressions all over social media?

6. We as photographers aren’t here to upset you or make you angry or think we are using you as income. We truly care about what your photograph looks like and how you feel when you see it. We are realists and are here to tell you when something isn’t the best it could be.

If you’re a potential client to a photographer, please think about what’s going into your photo shoot. Just because you’re not getting what the next person is getting, doesn’t mean it’s not great quality.
So many people are focused on “cheap” or “quick” or “my family member is a photographer” to forget so many artists go into this industry with experience, talent, and degrees and are here to help you.
Before you ask about unedited images, think about the world that artist is creating, and how an unedited image, verses their spectacular finalized image can really look. You want your photo shoot to stand out from the crowd. Don’t be like everyone else.

Not every client will be your client and that’s okay!
Just say no to unedited images.
Photographer or client.

I am going to start posting weekly blogs pertaining to photography, life, and knowledge in my own experiences. If you have any idea’s for my next blog, please leave a comment below!!


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