There is something about photography that keeps people always interested and Instagram is one of the social media platforms that delivers this art beautifully.

Today, businesses are using instagram to market their brand. They use pictures of their locations, food, hair, makeup, people in the business, staff, clothing, items, inventory, products etc. Instagram has actually become one of the most viewed social media platforms for businesses. It has over 500 million users worldwide and about three million users in Kenya only.

“Instagram has about 3 million users in Kenya”


Here are some of the steps to help you add Instagram to your marketing strategy;

You see, Instagram is more like a party. Kenyans like to party.

You wouldn’t just show up at a party screaming and yelling. It’s the same thing with instagram. You have to ease into the conversations about your brand.

A lot of the more popular and influential people in Kenya are on instagram – from the president, political figures to local celebrity artists, photographers, actors and the like.

“Partner with other businesses on Instagram”

Instagram affords a brand a powerful way of showcasing one’s personality. Using Instagram, you are able to document a moment that could boost your brand and make you stand out. It is also fairly easy to add a call-to-action to your images.

So how do you execute on instagram?

First of all, if you already have an Instagram account your first objective should be to gain followers.

Share your instagram username on other social networks. Use emojis (people love emojis), create photo themes to ensure familiarity, and always employ hashtags.

Partnering with other businesses on Instagram to mutually share posts is also a great strategy for gaining exposure and a following.

Run giveaways for your product to keep interest high as well. Don’t forget to keep tagging other users in your posts as well. People love shoutouts and getting recognition.


Lifting its functionality right from Snapchat’s own stories feature, Instagram Stories allow you to showcase your brand within 24-hour windows.

Take advantage of this 24-hour window to deliver special offers, show off your creative process, and to spotlight your employees and fans.

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