Finally, it is the time! Actually I am preparing an emotional speech for this moment (the 4th blog post) even before I departed Shanghai as I know this would finally come. But when it is actually the day I changed my mind, I don’t want this post just like most of the Oscar acceptance speeches. Which are often eaten up by ‘thank yous’ not only to their directors, co-stars and loved ones, but to members of their “team” of agents, managers, publicists, hairdressers, and stylists. Even a more heartfelt speech can tend to the predictable.

I do not take tonight for granted. Thank you so very much.

When I am sitting in front of my laptop and trying to write something aims to be ‘touching’, I just laugh at myself. Then I am pressing the rewind button on my memory tape with a look back, some segments that just popped up. I realized they would not be understood and emphasized by others, but they are something for me, in some certain.


SNAPCHAT APP TUTORIAL — My first official meeting with my colleagues in Havas Madrid is actually the tutorial of snapchat (LOL). Snapchat is a popular social app in Europe but not in China, at all. It is the very first time that I need to deeply get into this because of the snapchat story task for all lofters. My colleagues just set a very serious meeting, with the booked meeting room, the ‘expert’ on social apps and started the Snapchat tutorial. It sounds insane but makes me feel so touched as they take everything seriously.

Snapchat Story — I Made It!

JOIN THE BRAINSTORMING — Without the briefing, not in my schedule, I just came across this when I passed by. I was dragged into a brainstorming about the insights of Millennials for a cheese brand ‘Burgo de Arias’. This is meeting was held by a bunch of Gen-Y fellows, which are the real target audience — Millennials. Their enthusiasm and innovative ideas were really impressive, but I cannot comment on anything as we live in the different culture with special consumer insights, what I did just shared some of my thoughts and experience that would work in China. What I found is that, the working attitude and the passion is necessary no matter which country you are in but the ‘good’ ideas don’t work everywhere. You need to consider the concrete situations.


TIGHTLY CONNECTED TEAM — To my utter astonishment is that team members have a rough idea of each other’s work. So if there’s someone out of office, they can take over his/her work immediately!

THEY LOVE TO SHARE — In the office, you always can hear me to ask what happened? Why? What’s that? All the workmates, no matter what brand they are working on, always try to explain me the exciting newly launched campaign. You know that takes their time, which is the most important for full-packed agency’s day.


HOW TO ORDER — Until now, before I am leaving Madrid, ordering in the restaurant alone is still the nightmare. I cannot understand the menu at all and it is always a surprise to see the dish when served.

Excuse Me?!

TRAVEL INTENSIVELY — It must be the most intensive travel schedule ever. I took every weekend to explore cities nearby or the wonderful city that is worth my visit, Barcelona, though a little bit far away.

HONESTLY TALKING — Something happened to my family when I was in Madrid which made me upset and anxious. Every workmate here just like a close and old friend that comforted me and shared with the sincere advice.

… …

The fragments just like the snowflakes filled with my memory, I cannot enumerate them all. Just some time when I am back in China, looking back the special experience in my life, it makes me feel proud of myself.

Now, I want to go back on my words. I must say,

Thank you #HavasMadrid ! Thank you # HavasLofts!



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