If you’re a leader in business you’re being irresponsible by promoting the hustle and/or being silent about it.

It’s time someone who is in a position to influence, guide, mentor and help emerging business owners said something about this.

☠️ the hustle is deadly for your business ☠️

As someone who’s started a few businesses of my own and helped dozens of others start and maintain theirs, I know a thing or two about “the hustle”.

I know it’s promoted. I know it’s seen as a good thing. I know people aspire to hustle. I know people admire those who subscribe to “the hustle”. I know it’s perceived as having an excellent work ethic.

But, maybe, the “leaders” in the industry do it for job security?

“The hustle” is when you work your ass off every possible second of the day. Essentially, working like a maniac with no boundaries.

Here’s why it’s so detrimental:

👎🏻 it promotes business burnout rates by 87% in the first year

👎🏼 it is the single most influential reason for businesses shutting down

👎🏽 it leaves minimal to no room for enjoying your life

👎🏾 it voids any time for relaxation

👎🏿 it is a leading cause for anxiety and depression in entrepreneurs

👎🏾 businesses generally are not in the green until they’ve been in business for 18+ months, when early business owners subscribe to the hustle, and they don’t see the monetization like they’d expect because of the magnitude of work they’re doing, they get really upset. The hustle sets them up for unrealistic expectations and very painful let downs. This often leads to indefinite closing of business.

👎🏽 entrepreneurship is about living life on your terms while changing lives. Where’s the time to bask in your success and ENJOY THE LIFE you’re creating if your nose is in your desk every waking moment?

Instead of promoting the hustle as a good thing, it’s time we start calling it out as it really is- a dangerous trend. The hustle can literally kill your business.



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