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Today in an interview I was asked how I fit in with Gary V’s philosophy on who is and is NOT an entrepreneur… I don’t.

Immediately, after my interviewers posed this question I clarified Gary Vaynerchuk’s philosophy to ensure I was speaking on an equal playing level. Gary explicitly states that a pure bred entrepreneur could never work for anyone and if they can accept working for someone than they only have entrepreneurial tendencies.

Thereafter, I further clarified myself to avoid any embarrassment.

“I mean, not to sound self-righteous but I never thought about how I fit in with another man’s philosophy.”

As of this very moment Gary Vaynerchuk is an unlimited amount more of an entrepreneur than I am and he is on a level that I aspire to reach. I definitely did not want to come off like some 20-year-old life guru.

As I set there in front of my interviewers I continued to elaborate on definition of entrepreneurship. An entrepeneur is a person that builds a company regardless of obstacles and barriers to entry. My form of entrepreneurship is simple. If I can not hire someone to do the job due to lack of capital, and I do not have the knowledge to perform the task myself then I become an employee/intern.

“That is a really great answer”

The man that asked me a great question also thought my answer was great.

When I thought about it I realized my answer was less than brilliant. I am not even close to the first person to realize that I can build a skill set on another’s pay roll and inevitably apply it to my own company and pay roll.

The part of my answer that was considered brilliant was my initial reaction to the question.

“…I never thought about how I fit into another man’s philosophy.”

Obviously Gary Vaynerchuk is far more wealthy, knowledgeable, skilled, and successful than I currently am. Of course I aspire to reach and ultimately surpass Gary’s level. But at the end of the day my statement still stands. An entrepreneur, at their very core, will not stop referring to themselves as an entrepreneur because of another human being’s philosophy.

Before Jobs, Musk, Zuckerberg, Vaynerchuk, Branson, Gates, or any other entrepreneur you can think about was referred to as a genius they were first referred to as failures. That is because they failed to fit the mold that society has created.

So, here’s a question to think about, am I an entrepreneur or do I only possess entrepreneurial tendencies because I do not fit Gary’s mold? The answer to the question is relative to who you ask.


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