Research top selling gigs. Look at how their title, descriptions, and tags are2. Never copy them. Do proper research so that your URL will have the keywords. URLs are permanent.

Use keywords. Make sure your keywords are consistent especially in TITLE, DESCRIPTION, AND TAGS. However, don’t overdo it.

Maximize your Tags. Use 5 keywords (don’t repeat, try single word)

Stop editing your gigs too often. I edited my gigs several times (I thought updating gig would improve my ranking). Guess what? My gigs become invisible in the search result.

Contact customer support. Remember to ask the RIGHT questions if you want to get the right ANSWER. Do some homework before asking them. Send them some screenshot if you have too. Keep it simple and easy to read. Use bullets or numberings.

Appreciate customer support. They are not charging us for asking questions. Ask them politely — greet and thank them. You’ll get a better and faster response from them. Don’t show your anger towards them since it could be OUR faults.

Always check your gigs availability on Fiverr search result using your keywords. At least once a month or when you’re starting to get less order. If your gigs are not there, contact customer support immediately.

Use SEO title when creating a gig.

A video is not everything. Some best sellers don’t even put a video but they put clear and simple images explaining their gigs. Videos sometimes leave a blank preview. Just imagine how many videos buyers have to watch if they’re busy searching for gigs. If you put a clear image, buyers would immediately know the quality of your gig.



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