Here is a list of top 50 trending Entrepreneurship articles published today. The articles are selected based on what others are reading the most.

Airbnb seeks to raise an additional $153 million to boost its war chest

(Reuters) — Airbnb Inc is looking to raise an additional $153 million as an extension of a recent funding round, boosting its coffers as the company pushes forward with global expansion. Airbnb on Friday authorized the sale of up to $153 million in equity to investors, according to venture capital…

Tesla starts fining people who abuse Supercharger stations

Carmaker Tesla today said it will start making people pay money when they don’t pick up their Tesla vehicles from Supercharger charging stations after the vehicles have been fully charged. The idea is this will mean when Tesla owners enter a Supercharger site, an empty charger will be ready and waiting…

Ecco the Dolphin creator settles lawsuit with Sega, possibly paving way for series’ rebirth

Ed Annunziata has settled a lawsuit with video game publisher Sega over the ownership of the Ecco the Dolphin series. That’s an interesting development that could pave the way for the rebirth of the franchise, which Sega brought to its game consoles starting in 1992. Above: Ed AnnunziataImage Credit:…

Watch us play Oculus Touch games like VR Sports Challenge and I Expect You to Die

I’m still digging the Oculus Touch controllers that Facebook’s VR subsidiary launched earlier this month, and that’s not only because they make me feel like a football player. I broadcasted some Oculus Touch gameplay recently, and I want to share it with you. In the video below, you can see me…

Here’s why Uber doesn’t think it needs a permit for its self-driving cars in San Francisco

Uber has fired back at California state regulators over demands that it halt testing of its self-driving cars in San Francisco. The company’s head of its advanced technology group and cofounder of autonomous trucking company Otto Anthony Levandowski believes that it’s all a matter of perspective….

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